Day two: Write a list

Finish packing
Figure out what to wear tomorrow and what to wear on my return
Decide if I’m going to set off a bug bomb before I leave
Do the dishes
Take out the garbage
finish packing
Do the dishes
pay rent in the morning
pick up prescription
don’t worry about that tire light that comes on in the car. You’ve checked the pressure, Tire store checked the pressure -you’re good – don’t panic – just drive
don’t be sad about not blogging for 8 days when you just got back in the swing
really think about that bloody bug bomb
practice talking in British slang for when you move to the English countryside
quit blogging and go pack
quit scratching at the bug bites
get the bug bombs out from under the sink
after the dishes
decide in the morning if it’s worth putting all the crap away to bug bomb
remember you got about an hour sleep last night and go pack so you can go to sleep tonight
brag about checking in to Southwest an hour and a half late and STILL getting B section
empty the garbage… in the morning
then set off a bug bomb
don’t think about coming back to a mess in 8 days
think about how much fun you’re going to have with your family and friends
think about how kinda cool it is that you are going to miss your little place too. That’s a sticker day for sure
seriously turn this computer off
and finishing packing
practice Italian for when you realize how cold it is on the English coast and decide to move to Italy



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