Today’s view

This is only one of such views on my way to the library where I access the internet.

In other news, I attempted to hook a TV up today, got a new antennae and nada. Even moved the TV to a higher floor, still NADA.  Guess it isn’t meant to be. I trust the VP debates will go on without me.  I will still be able to listen.  I am mostly interested in the hurricane.  My plan is to run (like in a brief visit) to Florida next week but not if mom is going to be slammed with a hurricane. So many variables in life, ya know?

I am running errands now – after my library visit.  I’m going to check the mileage just so you can get an accurate picture of this “country” living life that I am now in. There is no such thing as a quick trip to the store.


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A work in progress

It’s hard to get back into the swing of things (and by things I mean blogging) after getting out of the routine. Without access to the internet, cell signals, TV, generally life in the 21st century (what century is this called anyway?) anyway, living in the woods just got me out of the habit.  There are other factors as well.  I decided to set up a “landing” page so to speak because when I start my next adventure I want to be ready to blog about that one too.  I’ll have to give it another name won’t I?  I’m still not sure what to call it as I’m not sure what the next adventure will entail. So this is “in the meantime” ramblings.  As you can see Finally Florida is now a link under the menu.  I’ve set myself up for failure…no wait that’s not what I meant to say… I’ve set myself up for the possibility of many new adventures and blogs to go with it, so I won’t have to keep everyone bouncing around they can all be located on one page.  That’s the hope anyway. Along with the hope that I get back into the habit of writing.  Some nights when I can’t sleep (which is like every night these days) I’ll start thinking of what I want to write and then when the time comes to write I go blank. Hormones? Weather changes?  I will, I’ll get settled, I’ll get back to it. I will. In the meantime here’s some pictures about my life this past month:

Views from mom’s neighborhood:

img_1396img_1397 img_1400img_1390img_1485

Mom has sunset’s too – I have to drive to see them but they are still pretty.




Post offices  – I kinda have a thing for these small post offices:

img_1419 img_1428-1

Pictures from Field Day of the Past.  An event with lots of farming equipment, animals, an amusement park section, food stuff, tractors, and tons of antique machine/engine/car stuff, a rodeo and this thing called a tractor pull. Lots of people watch that tractor pull.  It’s very loud and a lot of dirty smoke comes from the tractors that are pulling this big trailer thing with a weight on it. (I don’t have a picture of it) Kinda interesting and much less violent than the rodeo.  The whole day was fun, even going by myself.

I know these aren’t native to Virginia
I guess I’ll have to replace my flamingos with something like these
a form of transportation from the parking lot to the event
I rode on this from the parking lot
it was like a big sandbox with old equipment just picking up dirt and dumping it – it was a little hypnotic – I could have sat there a while and watched
Don’t know but it’s big

The local bugs – wood bugs are different than beach/Florida bugs – at least the ones I have seen so far..oh how I remember stink bugs and now they are back in my life:

This brings back nightmares (still mostly on the outside of the screens)
Colorful but unfortunately now dead. This guy kept coming back and building this web right out the back door where mom grabs the railing so he had to go…I’m sorry.
Who knows

a quick trip to Virginia Beach – sand a little browner, water a lot colder:


and then finally a visit with the boys (views from Zach’s new place):

img_1509 img_1534

I have enjoyed my visit in Pittsburgh with the boys (and babies) and a saw a couple friends but tomorrow I head back to the Virginia woods.  I am hoping to return to Florida next week to wrap some things up but it’s going to depend on that hurricane. I’m not worried about it hitting Tampa, I’m worried about it hitting my moms. I can’t leave her in the middle of a hurricane so I am just going to have to wait and see what happens. THAT should be the name of the next blog.  Wait and see.. I kinda like it.

Sorry to make Janelly wait so long to get back up and running. Thanks for caring and for finding me again. I shall find my voice again soon.





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