Day 6: a place to write

Didn’t I post that I wouldn’t be blogging for 8 days.?.. it was more part of my list, not like an actual fact as realized now that I’ve continued to blog. Not really fake news. Just a miscalculation. I kinda have the bug to keep writing taking part in the writers challenge. So today’s inspiration is to write about where you blog. Tonight I’m blogging on my phone in the guest room, i.e. My room at Zach and Rachel’s. Most times I’m on my laptop and sitting wherever I’m most comfortable. During finally Florida days I sat at my desk area mostly, sometimes by the pool or dining room looking at the pool, then when I moved I sat at the desk in my beach house, then I turned the vanity in my moms house into a temporary desk and currently living in DeLand it depends. Sometimes I’m sitting at that kitchen counter, sometimes the computer is in my lap. And now I’ve learned to blog with my phone. Apparently if I have something to say, or nothing to say as usually is the case, I can say something or nothing from anywhere with any device.

I wonder what that says about me.



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