Go Steelers


I don’t care that it’s preseason I am finally watching the Steelers. Actually I’m not really watching like I like to watch. When I watch a Steelers  game I like to be alone or at least with someone who watches, no talking unless it’s a comment about the play but no side chatter, I need to focus!! I like to learn who the new players during pre season are and then of course during the season I watch the games. I pretend and believe that I can spot talent in preseason.

I cant watch the Steelers faithfully in Florida because for some reason they hate them and would rather show infomercials instead of a Steelers game. Tonight was the final preseason game. I’m in Pittsburgh, I wore my Steelers tshirt, I thought we’d all be on the same page about watching the game, spotting talent to come. But no, The kids were ho-hum about watching but at least had it on. Then talked the whole time about Game of Thrones. Finally I came to my room where there is a TV and was able to watch the end of the preseason game. Alone with the Steelers.

One of my favorite things to do of all time.

Todays writing challenge was about using a photo to inspire you.


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4 thoughts on “Go Steelers”

  1. Hey Lynnie…welcome home! I wanted to tell you….I have a new found obsession/addiction to GOT. I have had free HBO this summer. I binge watched 6 seasons to get caught up before season 7 started. I love it….I mean love it!! I started to rewatch the seasons all over again to catch things I may have missed the first time. I’m hoping my free HBO holds out a little longer!

    Winter is coming….

    1. Winter is HERE!!! It is soooo addicting isn’t it? I didn’t mind talking about it and we’re going to rewatch the finally Sunday and then maybe start from season 1 and watch weekly again. Glad you’re watching!!! I’ll have to email you with new theories to discuss! Xoxox

  2. The way you love to watch the STILLERS is exactly like my Mom! Even when she was dying of cancer, we were not allowed to visit or call on Sundays! LOL! It was lovely to spend time with you on Thursday and I am looking forward to November!

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