Bloody Bullox

My old “whoo” master, Amy,  once posted that the new moon (not the full moon) is supposed to be when you plant the seed of what you want to manifest in your life. Then there’s this long explanation about what sun sign the new moon is in when you plant that seed and then what sun sign the full moon is in when it’s supposed to come to fruition = all of course I couldn’t exactly follow, but I just choose to trust that something might happen.  Well anyway, this month’s new moon is on Monday.  That’s right, the same day as the Solar Eclipse!  Now, don’t you think the whoo factor will be intensified to the enth degree because of that?  I do.  I can’t help myself.  I just like all that “magical” stuff.  According to the whoo directions I should be making my goals and wishes clear during this time..leading up to the new moon and solar eclipse.  And this is the seed I’m planting….I want to move to Broadchurch in England.

Before I go any further, as a blogger, is it my responsibility to mention what is going on in our world now?  The Nazi’s?  The race issues?  Trump?  I think I’ve made my feelings about Trump pretty crystal clear on this blog before.  If I haven’t let me sum it up for you.  He’s an idiot.  An embarrassment, is extremely dangerous and stupid, a bully and an ass, and possibly the best thing that has happened to our country.  Ha!  Didn’t see that coming did you?  I didn’t either it just fell out of my head as I was typing.  Well it’s no credit to him.  He’s an idiot (as previously stated) but what I see happening is all this ugly coming up, all the hidden hate is boiling up and it’s showing itself.

There is a line in the movie Amistad spoken by Anthony Hopkins who played John Quincy Adams, it was in the closing argument he gave during the trial to free the slave Cinque in 1841.  Anthony Hopkins is such a great actor so anything coming out of his mouth I fall in love with, and this speech is no different and has resonated with me since I saw the movie way back in 1997.  The line I’m thinking of is “Give us the courage to do what is right and if it means Civil War then let it come and when it does may it be finally the last battle of the American Revolution”.  It’s really a great speech. I’ve linked it below.  The speech (if you care to listen)  is still timely about what this country was built on, and by whom, and those founding fathers aren’t all they are cracked up to be…  The bubbling up, critical mass scenario is how I am connecting Trump to John Quincy Adams and that speech.  All of this is bubbling up because Trump supports it, but maybe, just maybe, it will reach critical mass (a term coined by my friend) and something good will come of it…eventually.  How many years has it been since the Civil War? (152) And STILL we are fighting the rebel cause?  Really? Something has to be done.  Don’t you think?  I have faith in “us” – those that are against hate, of any kind, and I think we will rise above somehow.  But we can’t rise above if it’s not out in the open for us to rise above against.

I am apparently very guilty of political incorrectness.  I was telling Zach and Rachel a story and said “the blacks” – and they both screamed at me.  I had no idea what I said was insensitive. I admit I don’t know better until it’s shown to me how it sounds or what I’m saying. My mother, who I would have NEVER thought to associate the word prejudice with says the strangest things.  I just shake my head.  I would be embarrassed if she said half that stuff in public, but she has no idea how it sounds.  She thinks she’s being complimentary but she’s clearly being condescending.  I guess my comment then about “the blacks” to my kids is the same as some of the stuff my mother says to me. I think we can learn to correct are rhetoric with some sensitivity training or just having open discussions. HOWEVER, this whole Nazi thing is on a different level.  I’m glad they’re coming out of the woodwork.  Like a pimple that’s bubbling up (I know gross right?) and then it gets sooo painful and then it pops and it’s gross and then the pain is gone.  We are at the bubbling up stage.  It is not yet sooo painful but it’s heading there and then it’s going to pop, IF we’re lucky and then maybe THIS time it really will be the end of the American Revolution.  We have so much healing to do as a nation dating back to when we first landed here and killed all the Native Americans.  How are we ever going to reconcile our country if we don’t face these issues?

Well I didn’t see all that rambling coming when I sat down to write this.  I really just wanted to talk about the moon and my wanting to move to England.  But the race relation stories, Charlottesville, it’s all over the news and I cry every time I hear a story.  I would feel remiss if I didn’t at least acknowledge that I’m living in the same world.  Although my world is nowhere near what some people in this country (let alone world) live with.  My son, Zachary’s best friend in highschool was (and still is) black and I remember one time worrying about a trip he was taking through Ohio and he said “mom, I can get shot going into 7/11 on the corner” – up until that point I had never thought of that. I can’t imagine, I will never know, what that feels like to know your life is always in danger because of the color of your skin (or religion, or ethnicity.)  When I was attending Carlow College I was in class with women from the Hill District (look it up) – one woman in my class lost TWO sons.  One of them was home on break from college and got shot sitting in a car in front of 7/11.  The other son was killed a few years later.  I remember being astounded that she could get out of bed; although she admitted how long it took her to finally get out of bed.  Michelle Obama said the same thing in an interview when asked if she was worried for the safety of her husband as President. She said something like “as a black man, he can get shot walking across the street.”

The Civil war ended slavery but it didn’t touch racism.  We as a nation don’t recognize the Civil War for what is was.  It was a war to keep the Union together.  Or to create the Union. When the south wanted to secede Lincoln would have none of it.  He didn’t care about the slaves initially, he cared about the Union. (look it up here) But he gets credit for freeing the slaves, well because he did free them eventually with the emancipation proclamation.  He was not a supporter of slavery, but his focus was keeping the country together.  I don’t think Lincoln was a bad person or a bad President, I just think history gets muddled.

I wonder if Trump will end up getting credit for a particular good outcome that has nothing to do with his intent.  Wouldn’t that be something if Lincoln and Trump end up in the same sentence 100 years from now?  Historically we end up idolizing these past Presidents and fore fathers with really no facts to go on.  Just what we’ve been told.  We can only wonder what they would have tweeted.

Don’t get me wrong I hate Trump. I think he is more than just an idiot, he is dangerous, he is trying his hardest to get us all killed one way or another. He is bringing all the ugly up.  And we all, in the country, have a responsibility to look at it and figure out how to take it from here. We can’t let hate win. We can take some lessons from history and not repeat them right?  I mean we’re not just going to let another Hitler decide what happens are we?  ARE WE?  It’s like we can no longer ignore it.  Unless we move to the English countryside.

If there is such a thing as reincarnation I really must have been in the Civil War because the first thing that pops into my head is “I’ve already fought this battle.” Which of course I have not, so I don’t know why that pops in my head.  But honestly I don’t personally want to fight it again.  That’s why I want to move to England, with the rolling hills, the flowers and the farmer’s market of Broadchurch.  I can blog from anywhere in the world right?  I’ll lead a rebellion electronically from my garden cottage in the country.

If only Broadchurch was a real place.  It is not.  It is a TV show.  BUT it was filmed in a real place, and that place is pretty (although it looks a bit cold to my liking) but beautiful flowers, rolling green hills, small little quaint town, on the ocean, facing west (sunset views) ALTHOUGH, the main character claims he is watching the sunrise.  Wait a minute….my geography is off.  Well I’ll figure that part out when I start looking seriously at a map. If I can make it here in DeLand, I can make it anywhere.  Why not take on another continent when the time comes for the next move.  Bloody well,  on then mate.


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  1. Of course, your “who” guru here has something to add to this moon thing. Yes the eclipse will intensify this new moon, but did you know that this is the SECOND of a rare b

  2. Of course, your “whoo” guru here has something to add to this moon thing. Yes the eclipse will intensify this new moon, but did you know that this is the SECOND of two rare back to back Leo new moon? It brings even more manifesting power to the table, especially when it comes to romantic endeavours.

    Will you take me to England with you? Pleas

        1. And I read all the comments and there was some romantic seed thoughts in my head too, not only English countryside thoughts. And of course it is only right that my woo master come with me. But do we now wait until the full moon is in Leo? Is that how this goes?

  3. Excellent post! I have thought about Lincoln and his initial disinterest in slavery when reading about all this statue removing hysteria. While there are good, better, and best heroes in history there is no such thing as a perfect one. I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to leave the statues but display text with each that gives their fame some context. As for Trump, your comments are spot on but there is a big catch 22 here: If Mike Pence became president the course would surely be less dangerous and steadier; however, this man would remove every health benefit; every entitlement; every scintilla of compassion from government in a heart beat! I don’t know how on earth this mess will get resolved; chalk up one in the plus column for approaching one’s last time slice of life!

    1. Don’t leave us too soon! Don’t you want to see how it all shakes out? I agree about Pence. He’s the quieter unknown (or known as you point out) One thing for certain these 4 years are going to be very interesting. Thanks for your kind words Ira. Hope you’re feeling ok.

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