Signs signs everywhere signs

Have we talked about my eagle sighting?  Well….I was on my way to work the other morning (sitting with my old lady…who as it turns out isn’t that old…and well as we get older those old people are getting younger and younger…) anyhoo, I travel these back country roads to get to their house, typically never seeing another car and well anyway anyway I came up over a little ridge and there to the right was this activity.  One large bird flew off and the other one just stood there.  I think he was preening.  I stopped the car, in the middle of the road, and he waited there while I fumbled with my phone and got a picture.  Wouldn’t you know a car came up behind me and she stopped too to look but I felt like I needed to move on, first not to hold her up and second to get to my old lady on time.  I was so excited to show her the picture.  You would have thought I won the lottery.  I mean just look at him!

patient as could be waiting for me to get my camera out

Well, anyway, it still gives me the chills. My mom has this book called Animal – Speak (by Ted Andrews), actually I think I have the book too in storage somewhere, and anyway it’s all about what different animal totems mean according to Native Americans.  You know I don’t believe in signs right?  Except when I do.  But I don’t.  But I don’t know about omens.  I think I might believe in omens.  This is what some of the Eagle sighting omens say:

Eagle shows you how to look above so you are able to touch Grandfather Sun with your heart, to love the Shadow as much as the Light. You are being asked to give yourself permission to be free in order to reach the joy that your heart longs for.

When an eagle appears, you are on notice to be courageous and stretch your limits. Do not accept the status quo, but rather reach higher and become more than you believe you are capable of. Look at things from a new, higher perspective. Be patient with the present; know that the future holds possibilities that you may not yet be able to see. You are about to take flight.

To align oneself with the eagle is to take on the responsibility and power to become so much more than you now appear to be. 

 If an individual has been going through a hard time, eagle not only signals a new beginning, but provides that person with the stamina and resilience to endure the difficulties. If eagle has appeared, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead. The eagle is symbolic of the importance of honesty and truthful principles. Summon the eagle when you are about to embark on a challenge, a massive life change or a creative endeavor.

Now is the time to take full responsibility for your life and be prepared for instant destiny. As your spiritual awareness increases, the positive and negative ramifications will become more immediate and have greater force. 

You all know I’m moving to Florida right?  And starting a new job, right?  And a new apartment in a new town where I know nobody and nothing, right?  Well don’t you think maybe this Eagle was a sign?  I mean an omen?  And what about the buzzards?  Have we talked about all the buzzards that came by a couple of weeks ago?

This was only half of them

Some of the notes on buzzards/vultures:

They soar with grace and an ease that is thrilling.  For those with this totem it speaks of a coming time when you will be noticed more for what you do than for how you appear.  :-/

okay how about this one:

The vulture was considered a sign of confirmation of a new relationship between the volatile aspects of life and the fixed, the psychic energies and the cosmic forces.  It was a promise that the suffering of the immediate was temporary and necessary for a higher purpose was at work, even if not understood at the time.  It reflects that no matter how difficult the life conditions, rescue is as imminent in your life as was the rescue of Prometheus by Hercules.

How about that then? I think if we’re going to be looking at totems and symbolism and omens well I better include the vultures who made sure I saw them.  All 15 of them.  There’s a lot of talk about death and rebirth with vultures, and also something about:

this bird recognizes that you are fiercely protective of those you feel responsible for but you are reminded that knowing when to allow others to sink or swim is important too.

Seems a little cruel in reference to an 85 year old blind mother that I currently feel responsible for but I’m just repeating what I read.

You just can’t take the seeker out of me I guess.  I’m always seeking something magical, a sign or a promise. And since the day after tomorrow, that would be like 2 days, maybe 1½, I’m leaving for my new adventure, well I guess I’m clinging to some hopeful signs that I’m on the right track.

I’m going to go with the eagle lesson and trust that I am soaring to new heights.  And if not well I guess the buzzards will be there to clean up after me….again…and I’ll start over…again.

I know I’m rambling.  Nervous energy I guess, Gotta get packing.  I’m getting pretty darn excited.


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Tale as old as time

I saw Beauty and the Beast this afternoon.  I was thinking how àpropos it is for me to live around Disneyworld.  Me, who believes in magic, fairy tale endings and true love.  I mean really is there any other place more perfect in the world for me?  Please don’t tell Zachary I believe in magic.  I mean I really try and believe in the here and now and well how can you not believe in the here and now because that’s what we all live in, but in my head?  In my head it’s all magical.  I don’t even think I’m embarrassed about that.  I love Disney, I love Belle and big castles with manicured lawns.  I’m a little stunted at the moment on the whole true love thing and beasts turning into Prince’s.  I’ve loved many a beast but they pretty much stay beasts.  That could be where me and Disney part ways BUT the premise is good – unconditional love and all.  Well anyway, that was my afternoon – loving Disney and thinking about living within spitting distance – maybe like a long spit but still.

That said – I’m a true Gemini – and while I don’t like to think I’m schizophrenic – there are definitely two sides of me at the moment – and probably always.  There is the “me” that is really really looking forward to moving, getting my own apartment set up, yes even going back to work, starting all over.  I even bought a couple of plates and silverware.  See how cute?

my first set post last life…they’re plastic pool plates BUT they’re just the first set.

I’m ready.  Actually I have one week yet so I’m getting ready.  I mentioned to someone the other day that this is the longest time I’ve had in the last so many years to prepare for a move.  Moving from Pittsburgh to Florida was a 2 week notice (although 5 years in my head), moving out of Palm Harbor was one week, moving from the beach to my mom’s?  One day.  Now I have practically a month to get ready and I’ve never unpacked to begin with and all my stuff is in Florida anyway (the few boxes I have left) so having this much time to prepare has been a new experience…again…for me.

So the Gemini part?  I’m sad to leave.  I know I know.  But I really didn’t see this move coming..I’m happy about it, but in my mind I had set down roots here in Virginia. Both me and my mom feel a little blind sided by all this.  That said NOBODY should live with their mother as an adult.  I mean just nobody. It’s not natural.  It’s been an interesting psychological adventure learning why I act the way I do sometimes, seeing why my siblings act the way they do (seeing my mom in everyone) – I mean it’s been interesting in a therapy kind of way.  And not to mention I think it’s been nice for my mom.  I’ve been doing a lot for her – not that she needs it of course – but I do stuff anyway because that’s who I am.  Remember my struggle to work or stay with the Baker kids even though I was not much help there in the end – because they didn’t need it?  Most kids, teenagers, don’t need it right?  They are fine, they can take care of themselves.  But it’s nice to be there for them. Same with my mom. She is fine, she can take care of herself, but it’s nice to be here.  What would be better would be to be down the street and stop by everyday but that didn’t happen.  As a matter of fact I had put us on a waiting list for me to be a paid caregiver for my mom through a county program and guess who called last week saying we cleared the waiting list?  Two weeks earlier and I would not be moving.  So what is the takeaway from that?  I am not supposed to be here taking care of her, or the call would have come 2 weeks earlier.  On that front we have someone lined up to help IF she wants it.  A lot of pressure is relieved there for me.  I can almost go guilt free.  Almost.

I will miss the garden that I was planning, I will miss the neighbors that I’m still meeting, I will miss Lori, I will miss this really crisp air, I will miss the possibilities that were in my mind.  I won’t miss the summer months here, there’s more bugs here than in Florida believe it or not, more snakes, more heat (she doesn’t believe in air conditioning) so in that regard I couldn’t be happier or timed it better to get the heck out. And well I will have my TVs hooked up in time for Game of Thrones. But there is a huge part of me – a whole half of me – that is very sad about this. And a whole side of me that is so excited I can’t stand it.  So there you go.

In other news – I am about halfway there to getting a bed.  I got some nice gifts from my blog party and have been sending out my daffodil thank yous.

It’s not too late to get your own Opus #1 daffodils!!

I have this last week of work (where I babysit my old lady) and then I’m off.  See?  When I type that I get so excited in myself I really can’t stand it.  I’m just trying to keep it at bay because I have a whole week yet.  A. Whole.Week.  That’s a long time for me.  Anything can happen.

But if something else happens I hope it’s magical cause I think I’m on a roll.


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A Blog Housewarming Party

Well it’s time – sorry for the short notice but the time has come for the party to commence.

Come in – Come in!  Thank you so much for coming to my blog housewarming party.

Come in – Sorry mom’s on the phone.

Here let me take your coat.  It’s a little chilly here today isn’t it?  But it’s chilly everywhere in the country so come on in and warm up.  Soon I’ll be back in Florida.

After that entrance we have some more background party music here – click here before coming in – then keep going:

Well first come on in and see who’s here.


You remember Diane don’t you?


And here’s Lori – my local friend that I’ve known since Edinboro days.  She’s looking particularly spunky today. – Not sure when Barb and Sandy will be here.



Steph is outside smoking
Jean’s here – I had to get her a drink. She thinks it’s rum and diet but it’s really water. Wonder if she can tell the difference.

And No- no Amy, you don’t have to sneak around the garden to steal daffodils – I’m giving you some.  Come back inside.Come on I’ll show you where the food is..

Wait who’s this?  Helen Mirren? When did you sneak in?

Well she’s just here to show us all what good genes and aging looks like.  Thanks for coming Helen.

Come on in the kitchen.

The table looks like it’s set for 3 but extra plates are behind you.  Help yourself there is plenty of food and of course desserts.

In this room you can get some tea.  You can probably get some harder beverages in the big back party room – it certainly looks like those guests are drinking something more than tea.

Yes there is a big back party room – only visible on the blog housewarming party page.  Come on back and see who else is here:

There’s a slide show of the apartment going on in the party room.  Not many pictures on it – well here you can see them here:

Here’s the gift table:  Look at all these gifts.  If you brought one you can leave it here:

I’m about to open some presents.  Have a seat.  Someone let Steph know that I’m opening if she wants to come in from the porch.

Ahhh, thank you!  I  need new sheets
AND a new bread spread. Love all the colors don’t you?




and who is the practical one that remembered the mattress pad? PERFECT!! Thank you!
What’s this? Oh you’re RIGHT!! I will need a throw rug or two. Looks like I’m going with the big flower garden theme. Not that I can’t get another flamingo at some point. But I’m loving the big flower deco.


Ahhh really? A new wicker chair? NICE!! Nice and bright! Look how cute that table is. I might be able to put that outside in my side yard. I wonder if it comes with an umbrella. Thank you again!
What’s this?  Oh perfect – 4 dishes.  I don’t suspect I will be having company anytime soon – 4 dishes is PERFECT – I love all the color this year.  Thank you!!


What are these???? (not to be confused with what are THOSE?)  A Bed AND A sleeper love seat?
WHAT??????  Beautiful.  Thank YOU!!


Thank you soooo much.  I can’t believe it!!  I can’t believe what nice things you can get at a Blog party (in your head)

Wow.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Speech Speech…

Well,  like I said, I’m overwhelmed.  Seven years ago, in 2010, I sold my house with a dream to pick up and move to Florida to start over.  Everyone was supporting me even to the extent that Suzanne let me live with her for the summer because why get an apartment when I was moving?  Right?  But then I didn’t move to Florida because I couldn’t get a job in Florida; although so many said to try anyway I played it safe and chose security over reckless abandon.  At least that time I did.  Well as you know, I ended up in the apartment in Moon Township – spent alllll the proceeds of the sale of my house in getting reestablished – and that was without buying a new bed even!  Things are expensive.  I dragged everyone around with me to get that couch, the buffet, the chair, I got pictures framed, curtains, curtain rods, a new bedroom for visitors.  And then nobody came – okay I take that back…plenty of people came to visit.  Although after Jimmy took his bed to college there was only the broken bed for people to sleep on…Okay well anyway, then the internet dating came – then I ended up in Florida anyway, in a completely different manner than I had expected.  I KNEW it was a gamble but very true to my nature I wanted to give it a go, and give it a go I did…I gave it all I had…and I lost all I had.  Literally.

But, here I am, back at the beginning.  And no it is noone’s responsibility to help me rebuild.  This was totally my doing.  Of course I should have known better.  Maybe. But it was an adventure, and well I don’t regret it, I don’t regret the experience anyway.

My niece called me today and congratulated me on the job.  Everyone is being so nice.  She has this way of putting it in perspective, which I’m sure the rest of you can do, but sometimes when you’re “in” it it’s hard.  But thank you Evan for pointing out the obvious.  It didn’t take that long to get the job and in the meantime I got to spend some time with Grandma (that would be my mom)- – when waiting it seems like it’s forever. But really it’s only been about 6 months.  And I do love it here in the woods.  On my bucket list has always been to be here when the daffodils are in full bloom and, this year I achieved that goal.  I am here and they are here in full bloom.

Yes I’ve made it harder on myself by not having those house sale proceeds and not having one thing to show for that anymore…except my TV and a broken buffet – IF I get the buffet back – BUT it’s also an exciting time. I’m going to rebuild. I’m starting over. I’m getting NEW stuff and only a little bit at a time because my newplace is sooo tiny and I am sooo poor starting out.  BUT can’t you see the possibilities?  I do.  I’m excited.  I’m excited to get back to life, to working, to contributing to society and one of these days that damn book is going to sell.  I just know it.  And then I’ll have a party for real – no presents required.

Don’t worry if you didn’t bring a present. No presents required this time either. I just wanted to share my good news and hopeful future with all of you that have been following along.

I have these daffodils here as your party favor. Please take one.

I’m sending bulbs to anyone that wants them, just let me know. I know Amy wants one (or two).  If I don’t have your address send it to me using the contact form/page and I’ll send you one/some.  Mom wants them thinned out anyway.  We have enough to share.

Thank you all again for coming.  Please help yourself to some more food, enjoy the music  and I hope you’ll stop by and see me when you come to Florida.

Incase you forgot where the gift table was (click on the picture):

Gift Table – a.k.a. Gofundme

Click to Donate Now!


Parting music:

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I said YES!! Thank you!

Well, it looks like I finally got myself a job.

Has anyone tried Castor oil for anything?  I read that it removes skin tags, makes your eyelashes grow and is like some miracle oil for different things.  After paying (well, okay owing) $380 for removal of skin tags last year I thought wouldn’t this be something if Castor oil works?  Plus I have a teeny little skin tag on my eye lid along my eyelash line.  So what if I can grow my eyelashes AND remove that skin tag at the same time?  Like a win-win right?  My doctor here says I can also use a thread and just pop off the skin tag on my neck.  Not on my eyelid.  I’ll try the Caster oil first.  Maybe it’s a de-wrinkle product as well.

The job? It’s at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida.  Funny story…I applied last October thinking I was applying at the Gulfport, Florida campus which is right beside Treasure Island where I lived last summer and close to Stephanie’s.  Then I didn’t hear from them until January to see if I was still interested so I figured why not say yes (still thinking it was Gulfport) because well why not. So I said yes I was interested.  It wasn’t until the very end of the Skype interview (which was February 9th) that I found out it wasn’t in Gulfport.  It is 3 hours away, across the state, on the east coast (or near the east coast) of Florida – near Daytona Beach.  I assumed they wouldn’t offer me the position because I didn’t have any idea where it was that I was applying to and I assumed I would turn it down anyway because I know NOBODY there, don’t really want to live on that side of the state, plus it’s inland, well anyway….before I got home from the library (from the Skype call) I talked to Stephanie (my spirit guide you know) who told me I will LOVE this area (also told this by my neighbor on Treasure Island) and anyway Steph said I’d love it and not to turn it down based on the location.  When I got home from the library I already had an email asking me if I was interested in the next steps (reference checks) and so I said “sure, why not” – I know they asked Jordan and Karen (from PPU) not sure who else and apparently they were impressed with the references and asked me to come for an onsite interview – travel expenses paid (except for the car) And so I went down last weekish.  Thank you Jordan and Karen!

So last week(ish) I was sitting on the beach…and today I’m sitting at the creek.  See the difference in foot attire below.  Both places are so peaceful.

See the boot?

I walked to the creek today to check out some noises we heard in the woods – nothing creepy just someone cutting trees so I wanted to see what was going on.  The neighbors are making a path to the old mill from their house. That’s pretty cool.  They love the mill as much as we do.  Everyone loves that mill.  I was noticing the roof today (on the Mill) I can’t believe it’s still holding up after what?  100 years?  My cousin Ira will probably correct me here on how long that’s been standing. I bet it’s longer than 100 years.  Ira used to play at the mill as a boy.  Am I right Ira?  Is “play” the correct term there?  Or were you working?

So, back to the job. The job title is Project Manager for Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence.  Here I copied this from the job description:

The Brown Center facilitates the development of the Teacher-Scholar ( The Project Manager is a full-time position that performs professional and administrative work to advance the goals of the Brown Center under the direction of the Executive Director. This position will be responsible for the overall management and completion of short term and long term projects, initiatives, data collection and analysis, communications and outreach activities of the Brown Center and other Faculty Development activities. In addition to managing the Brown Center efforts, this position will provide management and administrative support for the Associate Provost for Faculty Development, and will serve as the program coordinator/ administrator for the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).

There will be a lot of administrative work, a lot of meeting event coordination, kind of a little bit of everything, VERY similar to what I did at Point Park down to being the IRB coordinator.  So pretty much a perfect fit.  When I went for the interview I saved them tons of money by flying on Allegiant, flew in a couple of days early – drove to the beach (saving them money again on ground transportation but not saving ME money) and anyway the day of the interview (which was last Wednesday) I drove over to campus – 3 hours from the beach, checked into the Hotel, went into the town and had lunch, cute town, LOTS of furniture shops, got to campus at 12:30 for a campus tour, and at 1:00 started the interviews.  FIVE hours of interviews.  I did not yawn one time.  I did not get bored.  I apparently answered intelligently and well I was offered the job on Monday.

Just a pretty picture

While I was there, in DeLand, I did not look for housing.  I am very used to NOT getting the offer so I didn’t want to put too much time and effort into it.  After my 5 hour interview I walked back into the town had really good Sushi and then back to the room where I was exhausted and plopped into a very comfortable Hampton Inn bed.  Up at 5:00 a.m. – to the airport – back to beautiful Virginia before noon.  Actually a 1½ hour plane ride.  I love Allegiant. I would invest in them if I was the investing type.

Yesterday we had a visit by 15 Turkey buzzards.  At least I think that’s what they were.  They are not quiet birds.  You know how sometimes, most times, birds glide quietly right by you and you might not ever know they are there.  Well these birds make quite the racket (or would it be racquet?) with their wings.  Mom assumed there was something dead in the yard, but I did not see anything dead.  Nor were they eating anything.  Just hanging out in the trees, flapping around a bit.  THEN I googled it and found out that mating season starts for them around March and well, that might have something to do with the gathering and flapping around trying to impress the girls.  They were not there this morning so whatever mysteriously brought them here also mysteriously took them away.

Can you see them?
You might have to zoom in to see better








I need to find an apartment in DeLand, from a distance.  My offer includes travel expenses and I believe, based on the IRS Publication 521 covering moving costs that I could go down and look around and have those expenses reimbursed.  I do not know that I will do that though. I actually have a job here in Virginia next week and the week after babysitting my old lady. However, I found a very cute little apartment on Craigs list in what is called the Historic District.  It seems pretty perfect.  Small is good since I have no furniture.  Although I am getting my dining room buffet back from the previous BF.  And I have a TV and I have my kitchen aid mixer to make cookies at the ready.  I will be able to have all my stuff in Tampa moved over at an expense much less than what I am allowed to spend.  Isn’t that nice of me?  I’m thinking of having a house-warming party for myself…now…online…with a GoFundMe page.  Is that tacky? I need a bed. Well I need a lot of things – so I thought why not?  If I had a party I bet people would come.  I can’t have a party because well you know, the only people I know live hundreds of miles in all directions.  So what if I have a blog party?  With a GoFundMe page?  Where I get all the presents?  And no one gets any cookies?  Doesn’t seem quite right does it?  Well, if I get enough money I will get TWO beds and then everyone can come visit and sleep in their own bed.  And THEN I will make cookies and perhaps a Quiche and we will all walk around the town/village and look in the furniture stores and have sushi for dinner.

Perhaps I will have my Blog housewarming party later this week. My job and my move will be April 1 (April 3 for the first day of work). Plenty of time to plan a Blog party.

Am I excited?  Hell yes.  What about mom you say?  That is a blog for another day.  A very conflicted blog.  This is already long enough.  More intrigue and suspense for my next blog.


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Back in the swing

I really don’t feel like a blogger these days.  I often remember my discipline with Finally Florida and feel oh so less than adequate in the blogger category now.  But then again, life is not as exciting…right now. I know that will change and then I’ll be diligent again.

In the meantime here’s some “oh-so-Lynn” details of my life.


So I brought up some summer clothes from my weekend trip to Florida last week that I got out of storage.  Why do you ask?  Well I’m kinda asking myself that too.  I mean I can’t wear my white jeans here now can I?  Well anyway so yesterday I was organizing.  I was finding all these “groups” – let’s call them “factions” of clothes – (again if anyone wants to help me with the use of quotes, italics, etc., please feel free)…anyway so I have work clothes – work clothes from Florida – not from the north.  So well that’s good to have them so let’s say if/when I get a job anywhere south of the Mason Dixon line I should be good.  The further south the better.  But then I have these beach only clothes.  Like when I lived at the beach for the summer I think I wore the same 5 things – ratty t-shirts, shorts, beach stuff.  So what do I do with those now?  I put them in a suitcase..for now.  Then I have my Virginia clothes.  I wear the same things here in the woods too.  Like ratty sweaters, turtlenecks, the same pair of jeans.  So they are in a category all to themselves and right now they are on the spare bedroom’s bed as I’m not sure if it’s time to box them up.  They are too bulky for dresser drawers.  We are having some cold weather so I need those.  Then there were date night clothes – I put them all in the Goodwill.  All.  Then there are fancy schmancy velvet Christmas attire type clothes – I’m keeping them – back of the closet at mom’s.  See what I mean?  It’s not too much but my clothes tell a story and all my different lives.  When I moved to Florida I sent all my blazers and work clothes to my younger sister in Arizona.  So that answers that question, I will not be moving back to Pennsylvania.  I don’t have the work clothes.


Have we talked about the Purple Carrot?  My brother and sister-in-law sent my mom (and me) a couple of weeks of this Purple Carrot deal – one of those mail order food services.  All plant based.  I am a HUGE fan. They send all the even the teaspoons of flaxseed or garlic salt or basil or whatever it is you need for the recipe. They send all the ingredients and step by step instructions and well it was fun and delicious!!!  I’ve saved the menus and have a couple of new menus to add to our rotation.  Like the last night was Sweet Pepper and Hemp Seed Pesto pizza. – The pizza dough was made with mung beans.  I assumed it would be my least favorite.  We loved it.  Because of course I am always wrong about myself.  Anyway, that’s been fun to get and to do.  It makes enough for 2 with a leftover for 1 (in our case) – okay, right it makes enough for 3..duh.  But last week when I was traveling we put the 1 leftover right in the freezer for mom to eat while I was away.  If I lived here full time, like with a job, I would probably get one delivery a month I think. Just cause don’t you get sick of making the same things? So that’s been fun.  And if you want to try it use this link and we’ll both get $25 off. (if it works) Purple Carrot – How about that?



I’m sitting here at the Mercedes dealer. They are doing A service. Know what this means in laymen terms? They are charging me $300 for an oil change.  Sure they make it sound fancy but really it’s an oil change. But I brought it here because the neighborhood place, well they struggle with a waiting room for one, and then if there are things wrong, well I don’t know it just seems complicated all the time, so I’m here.  That’s all.  I had asked them to take me over to Wegman’s so I could plug in over there and send out a couple of books but they showed me their waiting room complete with a row of computer desks, a TV, a closed circuit TV so you can watch them work on your car (I’m not watching), free snacks and coffees, so I guess that’s worth $300.  LOL.  I brought my own tea.  Had I but known.

I think that’s it for now. Don’t you?  I don’t have any other updates. The intrigue and suspense continues from last week for all of us.


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Spring has sprung…

Well, I can’t really call myself a writer or a blogger if I don’t write or blog now can I?  Sooo, I need to get on that.

Last we spoke (figuratively speaking) I mentioned the daffodils here. I’ve posted a couple of pictures on Facebook but today they look so beautiful that I went out and took a video with my phone. See if you can tell where I trip.  HA!  Anyway, they are in full peak and it’s just so beautiful out there.

I’ve been doing a tiny bit of traveling.  I left for Florida on Sunday flying into the Orlando area and drove over to Stephanie’s on Pass-a-grille.  I got there just in time for the end of the Oscars.  Got to see the flub-up and all.  I loved being back in “my” room.  I wonder how many of her friends call it their room.  Well whatever, when I’m there it’s my room.

Monday day I assumed the position:

Monday night I saw the girl.  Only saw one girl.  I was happy to be back assuming the sideline vigil – nobody asked me to keep score.

Tuesday was a lot of running around, more visiting, more beach work 🙂  – ya know I really “need” that color back on my face, and a lovely night out with Steph and Lisa at the Island Grill (75 cent oyster night – I know Ellen, not on the safe eating menu) BUT still and all what a great couple days of catching up and warming up.  Even got some summer clothes out of storage, giving a new meaning to switching out summer/winter clothes.  My summer clothes are 800 miles away!

I’m not going to say much other than this is what I did Wednesday. There will be more on this next week.

And then this morning I flew home. Palm trees in the a.m. and blooming Dogwood trees by lunch time.  About 30 degrees different but still sunny in both places.

That’s all I’m going to say about that now.  Next week I will say more. I promise.  And now…for your daffodil viewing pleasure:

I wonder how I could add music to that. Wouldn’t that be pretty?  Like Aaron Copeland’s Appalachian Spring.  We played this at my wedding in 1982 – it’s 25 minutes long.  That would be a lot of daffodil viewing. Well here it is anyway –  You can listen in the background right?.











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