Here I am.  I am here.

That’s it.

No actually, here I am at Wegman’s.  I have about 30 minutes before I need to get to the Chiropractor so I thought I’d blog.  I should send out another book to another Agent but I’m not in the mood to add to the rejection.  Plus it takes more than 30 minutes to figure out who to send to then to write the letter. Well anyway, still no one loves me in that category.

What else…Um I made this cabbage soup yesterday.  It actually is a weight loss soup but I made it because mom said it sounded good and it has a ton of vegetables in it and well I thought why not.  I’ve made enough for the Zombie apocalypse so there’s that.  And it pretty much sat in my stomach all night churning.  Either that or the 3 crescent rolls. They were small crescent rolls.  Tonight I’ll try again, sans rolls.

One day it occurred to me I don’t even bother thinking about looking for someone I know because well I don’t (except then when I thought about that I don’t think about it 🙂 ).  I don’t go anywhere to meet people so I just don’t bother. Remember that blog post from Finally Florida? No? you can refresh your memory here. So anyway, one day I did see my mom’s friend, Micky, at the DMV.  But I was in my car on the phone so I didn’t get to say hi.  But then yesterday I ran into our little Courthouse Pizza and Market place for a cup of coffee and there was a girl in there that I recognized and she recognized me and we said hi! How about that!?

Here’s a weird thing.  I quit drinking coffee about 18 years ago and switched to tea.  But when I work at an office job I drink coffee…all day. When I stayed at Stephanie’s I drank coffee alll the time.  Like 3 cups a day.  My mom drinks coffee but I don’t want it when I’m here. But lately when I’ve had morning appointments in Goochland I will run into that Goochland cafe (mentioned above) and get myself a coffee.  I know, call me crazy.  Otherwise it’s tea.  I’m at Wegman’s –  I should get a Chai Latte, but I’ll skip it today.

Our weather is beautiful.  The past 2 or 3 days it’s been in the 70’s.  The always say it’s 60 something but my car begs to differ.

And spring is coming.. Lookee here:

well the focus is wrong but this is supposed to be showing the forsythia buds. You can kind of make them out
get ready!!

Oh the most important thing that is new, and why I’m out today, I met my first hospice patient.  She’s great.  Has a really great laugh.  I enjoyed talking to her.  As I always do.  So happy to be back doing that.  Just visiting, no Reiki for now.  I “work” one other day this week and well then this weekend my sister comes and it’s mom’s birthday.

Oh get this, one more story,,,and then I really gotta go.  So mom heard that the Estonian Choir was going to be in Richmond on her birthday way back around Christmas.  Well anyway, it’s something she thought she’d like to go to.  Well when we find out Kerry was coming for the weekend we thought let’s go!!  Then she found out how much the tickets were and said forget it.  Then Kathy (younger sister) said she’d treat us all to it for her birthday – how nice right?  So then before I even told mom about Kathy’s offer I came home from somewhere and mom said she heard we could enter a drawing to win tickets so just do that and let Kathy off the hook. Not that Kathy even wanted off the hook, but you know moms.  Anyway, so I entered just for the heck of it and told Kathy when we don’t win I’ll let her know.  So anyway, they didn’t send us an announcement that we won on Monday I told Kathy that mom said to forget it anyway, and well Kathy was disappointed but said she’d get the TV tuner for us so we can watch TV again.  So then as soon as I sent Kathy the forget it email I got an email saying we won the tickets!!  I mean go figure!  How fun though – right???  We won 2 tickets so Kathy still bought us the third AND got the TV for us.  I mean isn’t that a fun story?  Isn’t it a typical Lynn story?  A bit rambling and I can see Sally sitting with her fingers in a point.  Well, I’m nothing if not a rambler…

Now that’s it.  My phone is telling me to get going so I shall.

Peace and stuff,


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When a blogger has a bad day

Doesn’t it feel like we’re being punked?  I wake up everyday to hear or read some other “this really can’t be happening” bit of info.  Honestly starting with that stupid wall, then he bans immigrants from seven nations that never attacked us (sound familiar?)  The country’s that have the history of attacks are the ones he leaves alone.  Does that make sense to anyone else?  What else, he’s going to reverse the order to allow the mentally ill to purchase guns?  He’s going to reverse the regulations previously set by the Interior Department barring coal-mining companies from conducting any activities that could permanently pollute streams and other sources of drinking water, because I guess it doesn’t really matter who we kill with polluted streams and lands as long as we can put people back to work.  Right?  We don’t need to breathe or drink water apparently.  And then what was today?? Something about repealing a law that would enforce Investment counselors to keep their “client’s” interest in mind – so now I guess you can be lied to and lose your money and not have any recourse or be able to hold your counselor accountable. Too bad for you.

Then I actually heard that he thinks Frederick Douglass is someone who is living? (read up on Frederick Douglass here) – You know it’s okay if “we” are not quite familiar with Mr. Douglass.  Many of us slept through history but he said this during a Black History Month event.  I mean aren’t you the least bit embarrassed for him?

And how about when he announces at the National Prayer Breakfast that he wants them to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger and the ratings for The Apprentice?

And he picks a fight with Australia?  AUSTRALIA?

You just can’t make this shit up. Although “they” can make up stuff with alternative facts – like the Bowling Green Massacre.  Let’s just start making up shit – on top of the real shit.

There ae 318 million people in the US according to the US Census from 2014. Out of that 318 million, 242 million are adults, of voting age. Of 242 million, 63 million people voted for Trump.  That leaves 179 million adults to deal with his shit.  Not to mention 76 million under 18 that he’s supposed to be working in the best interest of.  How is this possible?  How did we let these 63 million people decide the other 255 million’s fate?  So 25% of the people are responsible for this. Do you see why EVERYONE must vote??  Well I hate to say it but we deserve this fate.  If that many people thought he was better than the other, or didn’t think it made a difference well kind of a good wake up call.  Everyone was so afraid of Hillary and her emails on the wrong effing server that we elected this moron that probably doesn’t even know what a server is. Does anyone for one minute think he’s using a secure server? Something is wrong.  Something is very very wrong.

Well this is probably going to be the last of my outrage…because I.Just.Can’t.  Is that how we write it now for emphasis? My doctor and I discussed the possibility of me having a stroke and well I told her I didn’t want to know (she actually could have given me a percentage of probability) I figured it would just worry me more than necessary. I’m not going to have a stroke because I am going to stay away from the news, the radio, Facebook and thank God I don’t have TV.  Mom of course wants me to keep her informed with what is going on in the world.  But again I.Just.Can’t.  Although this really is not the time to not do anything.  We see now what happens when we do nothing. So today I’ll let off some steam and then I will try and go back to being normal. Although my normal these days is probably a lot like this day.

Well don’t take my word for it.  The rest of the world thinks we’re the biggest idiots that ever lived, that our President is a complete moron, and I’m going to guess Iran will be bombing us before long. He’s going to get us all killed because of 25%.  Of course that will somehow be Obama’s fault.  Well let’s just hope I am being overly dramatic, over exaggerating. Because well you know, he’s so “sane” I’m sure he’s got this all under control.

I don’t want to compare but really the people who “hated” Obama? Really?  Really? Obama might not have been a very effective President, I didn’t love him a lot of the time, although I sure do now in comparison, but what did he do that was so wrong?  I don’t get it.  He was respected around the world. The world.  Here’s a guy that never had a scandal, certainly one of the most intelligent people on the planet, well never mind.  It doesn’t matter. He was black. I guess that’s all that mattered, right? The good ole boys have taken over now – they’ll just do whatever the hell they want.  If they get “blocked” by the senate or whoever they’ll just change the rules – that’s how Democracy works right?

God Bless America.



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