You can’t keep a good woman down..for long

My next boyfriend, no I mean husband, no more boyfriends for me,,,my future husband is clearly going to have to be a tree-man.  You know like Mr. Edson was?  I need someone with a bucket truck so I can decorate the cedar trees along the driveway with tiny twinkling Christmas lights and then I need him to cut down the extra cedar trees, of which there are many, and build me a tiny house down by the creek.  You know just a little something where I can lay on the couch, blast my music and watch TV.  I’m also back to baking too much as mom likes sweets…too many sweets…but this way if I’m down by the creek I’ll have to walk up the hill to get a cookie.  I don’t think that’s asking too much is it?  Of course my husband will have a different house where we will also cavort ..I know it’s getting a little tricky in my head here.  Well, anyway, a tree man needs to be on the resume.

He’s probably going to have to be a horseman too because there is no way I’m going anywhere to meet anyone, ever again, so unless he shows up in my driveway, preferably on horseback, has a stable full of prize winning Thoroughbreds that he does something very humane with, with a nice little Paint for me, that he will give me as a wedding present and subsequently teach me how to be fearless and get the damn thing to hold a trot, well then…yea,,,that’s what I’m talking about.

I talked with a friend recently that suggested I jump on Plenty of Fish, you know the internet dating site, as it was really working for her.  I didn’t want to tell her that there is NO EFFING WAY I will ever date again.  Certainly never ever online…not that there’s anything wrong with that…but I’ve already had that experience. I don’t really think about dating, I mean I’m just not that marketable ya know?  Not too many men are going to jump at the chance to hook up with a homeless person who has lost everything she owned to a previously wrong choice (so therefore bad judgement as well) and now bad credit.  Wouldn’t YOU want to be with someone like that too?  But now I’m reframing.

Soon I will be a published author (still in my head, nothing’s happened…yet).. for now I am an author and a writer..who unselfishly takes care of her blind mother …a darn good cook…loves the woods and is content to collect firewood all day. Will decorate tastefully for the holidays, not to mention baking their favorite cookies and pies.  Not a big spender. Cleans up well.  Not that this is going on a dating site, but I’m just throwing this out there to the Universe.

I think I might have missed the New Moon, the one where you ask for stuff, by only a day, but you know it’s sort of in my nature to be on the late side.  What did John used to call it?  The Lynn factor?  Always adding 20 minutes to when he told me to be ready.  20 minutes, 1 day, it’s not a horrible thing is it?



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Come out come out whereever you are

Guess what I did tonight?  Go ahead guess.  I bug bombed (sort of) my bedroom.  What is with me and bugs?  I mean seriously I don’t make this shit up.

When I first came in September I was itching in bed so of course I assumed it was bed bugs and bug bombed the whole upstairs. I still itched so I changed the laundry detergent.  That seemed to help, but I noticed there were a couple of silverfish in this bedroom of mine that the bug bomb didn’t seem to effect and well I figured I didn’t want to make a big deal of it, I’ll just kill them as I see them.  Fast forward to November 28 and I am losing my mind with these things.  I have gotten a few off of the ceiling but now they are showing up ON the bed and last night IN the bed.  What the fuck?  Why me?  I was up half the night Googling how to get rid of them. And then this morning told mom.  She had me call Mel (the exterminator she has been using for 20 years) right away who says he’ll be out in a couple of days.  He’s very nice.  But then I went on a hunt for other products.  Boric Acid should help sprinkled in the corners, etc.; I made some jar traps where they are supposed to be able to go in and then can’t get out; they also don’t like Lavender or cedar smells.  I happen to have some Lavender from my hospice days and I bought some Lavender incense from the Dollar Store. We also have 10 acres filled with Cedar trees, if only I knew how to make them into chips.  I went to the hardware store first (In Goochland) and they had nothing to help me; then to the cute little Pharmacy for Lavender sachets or anything they might have to help; they also had nothing, and the store really isn’t that cute; so then I had to drive 20 miles to the Dollar Store where I found everything I wanted including Christmas decorations 🙂

Upon returning home, after dinner of course, I came up to my little room and vacuumed the shit out of it and then poured that powder all over the baseboards and under the baseboard heater and then I made homemade Lavender sachets and put them in the clothes drawers and sprinkled my bed with Lavender.  Tomorrow I’m going to have to pull all my shit out of the closet that is behind my bed and clean in there.  It is VERY dark in there and I don’t think it’s been cleaned for 20 years.  There’s really not a lot of stuff in there (other than my stuff that I just put in there) – it’s just that it’s so dark. Maybe I’ll wait for Wayne.  He comes on Wednesday.  That seems like a good job for him.

In other news I walked up to the corner yesterday after cutting some wood and told mom that we are behind in getting our Christmas decorations up (you know half kidding) and surprisingly she was all for it.  She told me I could decorate however I wanted and then proceeded to tell me exactly where she wanted me to put the decorations and what NOT to put up.  You know, because I can decorate how “I” want. LOL.

My sister asked me what I do at night since there’s no TV (or internet) and I said “HA” – I don’t even think about what I don’t have anymore.  Mom listens to NPR classical music radio all day long.  I like that now too.  Mom listens to books on tapes at night.  We got Inferno (by Dan Brown) so I can listen to that one too.  I can listen to any of them but sometimes I just zone out and look at a magazine by the fire while she listens to her books.  I can’t read at the same time, I haven’t learned how to tune out her books or radio.  I could come upstairs but it’s usually so cold and then I’d have to lay in bed but I don’t really want to go to bed at 8 at night so I just sit down there with her, usually with a fire going. The time goes by, it really does, and before you know it it’s time for bed.

During the days there are lots of little projects to do.  There’s the firewood of course and then just house stuff.  One day I cleaned the screens and windows in the living room and then you know general cleaning with the floors and the dusting and the vacuuming plus I cook everyday (or warm something up).  She loves being back out in the garden so I’ll be out there with her working alongside or doing other yard type things so I can keep an eye on her.  I had to put my foot down the other day when she asked for the clippers.  I said “no” – a blind woman will cut off her fingers.  I watched as she showed me how she would use them and I said “nope, no, no no” and she surprisingly did not argue.  So she still has her fingers.  Isn’t that good?

Then there are the errands and as previously reported you just can’t run out for anything.  Today I left at 1:30 in the afternoon and got back at 8:00 and only got ½ done.  No fire tonight because it’s pretty warm and I’m staying upstairs (where it’s not cold tonight) so I can be with the Lavender incense because she doesn’t want me to leave it unattended.  Well I mean in a wood house I probably shouldn’t leave any fire type item unattended anyway, that’s just common sense.

I also get a lot of baths before bed.  That’s kinda becoming my thing too. I do read in the tub.

It’s pretty darn cozy up here tonight in my bedroom as I type away (and check for bugs).  I was looking into switching my cell service to Verizon because I believe a Verizon phone will work in this house and then between using that as a hot spot and using my brother’s hot spot I might even be able to do more computer stuff here at home.  Nothing quite as decadent like watching TV on my computer, I’ve given that up.  I’ve given up my music, I’ve given up eating meat (at my mom’s anyway), I’ve given up talking on the phone, I’ve given up laying on the couch (she has a really uncomfortable futon which she thinks is really comfortable), I’ve given up driving to Pittsburgh trying to see my kids on a whim, and I’ve given up having any semblance of knowing who I am.  I mean I’m not even a mom anymore.  Well obviously I am a mom, but you know, I can’t even be there if I wanted to be.

Obviously this is some sort of spiritual quest, that I didn’t ask for, nevertheless I will endure because I don’t seem to have a choice in the matter.  Luckily I really do love this weather and my mom. Once I get bundled up enough and get outside I warm up (so far) very nicely.  The air is so crisp and it feels and smells so good.  The bugs (outside) are not out this time of year; only here IN the house;  and hopefully all the snakes are sleeping somewhere where we are not.  Yesterday I was out cutting my wood and in the path right behind me I saw three girls on horseback – then three girls walking on it – and then one more horse and girl. I don’t know any of them, where they are coming from or where they are going to.  It’s not the beach, but it’s horses.  I love horses.  If these girls are riding through our yard shouldn’t they be obligated to let me ride with them? I think that should be a “thing” – don’t you?

In the meantime I shall cut wood and live life through my mother who once again, just like 50+ years ago, makes all the decisions for me because I’ve made such a mess of making my own decisions.  I feel like I have to grow up again. I wonder how I’ll turn out this time?


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It’s hard to be depressed in the woods

Believe me if anyone has something to be depressed about it would be me!  HOWEVER, all in all I’d say I’m coping rather well.  Every day there is something that stabs me in the gut and I think “you’ve got to be effing kidding me” then I spend a fair amount of time crying, but not too long, and then I just have to get on with it.  Then there’s days like today.  Day’s like today that I hope to make a habit of.

As you may or may not know, I can’t remember what I say on this crazy blog, one of my jobs is to make the fire nightly.  The fires are for me, or so my mom says, but I can’t believe she doesn’t benefit from them as well.  Anyhoo, as the chief fire creator it is also my job to collect fire wood from the premises to use as kindling.  So today, I bundled up slightly – temps were in the 50’s but sunny – I took my wheelbarrow and my little saw and off I went into the wilds, (i.e. the driveway) and tackled my assignment with abandon. (am I using that right?) Anyway, I went nuts.  It’s very easy to find wood here in the woods but I went a step further.  I dragged this little cedar tree out of the woods (already down) – I’m talking small tree here – and I broke off the branches and then cut the stem (trunk?) for larger firewood.  My arm’s are going to be looking so good here soon.  Perhaps I will start a new exercise craze here in the woods and women from all around will come and cut wood with me.

img_1832 img_1834 img_1842

I filled up my wheelbarrow with the sticks, logs, and pinecones.  Did a little tour of the driveway and made note of where some more great tree branches are down and made piles of kindling along the driveway for me to pick up another day. I also checked the premises for anything else I might find interesting (pictures below) and then returned to the house to unload my wares into their respective containers.

see all the kindling in there? A treasure trove
Abigail Woodson is buried on the property. She was about 18 months old when she died. 1832 – 1833. We always take care of Abigail.


THEN, I decorated.  Mom suggested putting some berries and such in the container on the stump that holds the begonias in the summer and so I did, like the obedient daughter I am.  Then I decorated a little on the porch and at the bottom of the porch.  Now that those flower pots that held beautiful plants in the summer are empty, having successfully transplanted the frostbitten plants to the dead zone, I was able to make some country style arrangements.  I believe Southern Living will be knocking on our door soon.

I need to clean up the leaves don’t I?

img_1851 img_1846

Oh and the depressing part?  I got rejected from both Barnes & Noble and Target yesterday.  I had applied for seasonal work.  And then today my battery died.  Okay, not really died but it’s been hard starting and I ran over to the mechanics, who I absolutely love, and even though they were closed they checked my battery and said get one ASAP.  Which is both good that it’s only a battery, and bad because you know anything Mercedes is going to cost more and of course nobody carries this particular battery so tomorrow I have an appointment with the dealer.  Just shoot me.  Seriously,

But that aside, it was such a beautiful day.  All that fresh air just perks me up.  I don’t want to get carried away and say I LOVE living here but I really am having a good time in the woods, at least today.

Tomorrow we need to discuss footwear.  I’ve been noticing a lot of tight jeans and boots here in my area.  Not in the woods, but when I venture to the stores that’s what I’m seeing.  I forget and still dress as if I’m in the woods.  I can’t decide if I’m going to care about this or not.


And now I must make dinner, another one of my jobs here, which I might add I’m also pretty good at.


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Picture Day

I was thinking that maybe you’d want some pictures.  Did I hear you say that?  I am sitting in this cozy room in the library so I can send this update and it is sooo cold that I can’t think so I’m just going to make it picture day.. I guess they don’t turn the heat on in here. Not so cozy afterall.

When I lay in my bed this is what I see in the morning.

These are views I see from my windows in my room.  I have TWO windows.

This area in the front there is what we weed – it’s her moss/fern garden
more from the front

These two are from the side window

img_1813 img_1812

Let’s see, what else…Friday and Saturday the temps were in the 70’s, well maybe upper 60’s. In any event it was beautiful weather and perfect for weeding.  Here’s some pictures from our weeding days.

yes that is the little blind mother out there working while I am sloughing off taking pictures
what’s left of a pine cone.

img_1822 img_1821 img_1820 img_1819 img_1817

On Sunday it was supposed to be in the 40’s and cloudy.  I was very excited to stay in the house all day and wanted to sleep by the fire.  It turned out to be 50 and sunny so not really an all day fire day but I did stay inside.

I made mom biscuits and oatmeal cookies on my inside day. She loves me.

This is pretty cool – Today I picked up my food stamps. YAY – first non-rejection notice I’ve had in years – I think I mentioned that the Social Services office is in the old Goochland High School.  So I wandered the halls a bit and looked at all the old photographs that they have decorated the halls with and found this one.  This is my family!

This is the picture of the Knibbs (my family) from 1923. My grandfather is sitting on the ground – 3rd one in from the right. He has some little person sitting on his lap – I’m thinking it’s a brother or sister. My mom wasn’t born yet. His mother is sitting behind him. She looks a little like my niece Evan doesn’t she? (for those of you that know Evan)

You should be able to click on and zoom in on these pictures to see better.  I hope it works.  I’m taking my cold self now out of this library and heading to the grocery store to use my food stamps.  Life could be better but today I’m not complaining (except about the cold library room).


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And another thing…

I’ m in Wegmans, my new favorite grocery store, where I bring my computer to plug in and use wi-fi.  They make a really really good Chai Latte.  If only I had another $3.74 I’d get another one.

Since I just posted the other day there’s not a lot to report.  But I’m going to try and get the same momentum that I had going with that last blog of mine..

The weather (you know I always bring up the weather) is beautiful.  The sky is blue blue blue, no clouds and I know there is sun out there somewhere.  My mom lives in the woods, there is no sun in the woods. I am always cold without the sun.  I walked out to the mailbox the other day and realized there was sun out there and kept walking on the road and warmed up quite nicely.  So now at least I know how to warm up….get out of the house.  I left my heater in storage in Florida.  I know right?  How freakin stupid.  Oh well.  So I have returned to my hair dryer.  Anyone that has known me for a long time knows that I use the hair dryer to warm up.  I turn it on and just blow that air on me or under the sheets to warm up.  I’ve used that method for years.  It is tried and true.  I would rather have my heater but I’m happy to have an alternative.  I have managed to stay warm at night.  I think the new ceilings that were put in last summer, along with new insulation are helping us stay warm at night. And it’s not even cold yet.  Wait until this weekend when it dips into the 20’s.  Why did I throw out that winter coat?

I went to the neighbors yesterday to get my first trunk-full of firewood.  His house is in the middle of a large yard, no trees, I sat there for awhile warming up. He told me he wished he lived more in the woods.  I wonder if he’d like to trade. Anyway, I filled my little car trunk up for $20.  Then I went around our yard picking up sticks for kindling and last night we had another beautiful fire in the fireplace. Plus I tried this new recipe (found in Southern Living) with white beans, butternut squash and corn.  She was in heaven my little mother.

I was reading to her last night from this area magazine about a neighborhood in Richmond called “The Fan” – when I mentioned the elementary school she said “I went there!” – after that she reminisced for a long long time about the different schools she went to and different friends along the way.  She went to maybe 4 or 5 grade schools.  Didn’t settle down until she went to high school then finished her last 4 years in the same school (the place I went to for Food Stamps the other day).  It was so fun to hear her stories.  She was laughing at a lot of her memories. Sounds like she had a fun childhood and I was amazed she could remember names from people in her first grade class.  She remembers more than I do about my grade school experiences. She also told some really sweet stories about her mom.  We’ve always thought our Grandmother (her mom) was a little harsh but there were some nice stories there.

I think I’m beginning to know why I’m here.





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Clearing and Cleansing

And here we go…new updates from a new venue..Depending on my mood at any given moment I go from crying to total acceptance.  Total acceptance is winning and I’m feeling really good about being here.  Cold, but good.

Instead of walking on beaches I am now working in the yard and figuring out how to stay warm.  I’m a fan of a fire (in the fireplace) and I’m hoping that fires will cut down on the heating bill, although I’m skeptical about that, but anyhoo, here’s me trying to split a log.


I got the wedge stuck.  Yea, I’m no good.  BUT it’s on my to-do list to accomplish by next year.  If I don’t chop my leg off I want to learn how to split wood AND be strong enough to do it. In the meantime I have gone from buying wood at the grocery store to finding a neighbor, who I met when he stopped over to look at trimming up some trees for mom, who also sells firewood.  He lives right around the corner and I can fill up my trunk for $20 and he doesn’t even have to be home.  It’s a god-send.  I should never have to buy kindling with all the branches in the yard and I’m using pine cones as fire starters.  Are pine cones okay to use?  Does anybody know?  Also, until I use up the grocery store logs I am chipping at the logs with an axe to help the wood catch better.  Mom brought it up to try doing because the wood is so pressed it’s not catching and then I remembered Jorden used to do that in Tampa.  He’s so smart and apparently so is mom. So I’m chipping away.  It’s kinda fun being this country girl.

We spent outside yesterday working in the yard.  I put mom to work weeding which she was thrilled to do and I started my own “dead” zone.  Remember I had a dead zone in Tampa?  If not, let me refresh your memory…I take the dead flowers and replant them and send them love and then hope that they come back next year.  So Saturday night there was a frost, 🙁 I know, so much to get used to again, and anyway so I took the dead dead begonias and replanted them in Jimmy’s old garden. So here’s the story on the gardens.  Stop me if I’m repeating myself..

Years ago – probably like 20 years now – during a visit to my mom’s – me Zach and Jimmy (and mom) went to visit Norie, the moss lady.  Norie has her entire yard as a garden – with paths of moss and then different plants along the way.  So after that visit Zachary came to my mom’s and took a rake and made paths in this front area that was used for nothing and mom built a garden around that.  Years later, not too many years, but like 10 years later, Jimmy, not wanting to be left out, decided that he would make a garden path area too.  Unfortunately not long after that mom lost her sight and Jimmy’s area went undeveloped and back to nature.  So I’ve decided to try and rejuvenate Jimmy’s garden. I reinstated a couple paths yesterday (his original paths) and planted some plants in the dead zone.  I don’t really want to turn Jimmy’s garden into “the dead zone” that just has all sorts of negative connotation but anyway I’m going to make that my project.  I also have to help my mom weed the main garden cause it really needs it.  She has a gardener you know and when I question why he’s not doing it she says he doesn’t like to weed and he’s also afraid of snakes.  Go the eff figure.  BUT we love him anyway as he does an awful lot of other stuff for her. So I’ll just keep putting mom  to work.  Next week I’ll have her change the oil in my car.

img_1800 img_1799

Last week I applied to Barnes and Noble and Target, followed up on a really good work at home job in higher ed, and sent my book to another agent.  I’m up to 5 agents.  I know I’ll have to get to around 200 before getting really depressed, so I’m not depressed at all.  It takes 4-6 weeks typically for anyone to even review your request.  I’ll start getting depressed maybe next Spring. We’ll see.  For now it’s just added to my to-do list to keep sending requests out.

Then today I went to the Social Services office and applied for food stamps.  My life sure has changed hasn’t it?  From pedicures and horseback riding, date nights, and beaches to welfare, slipper socks, firewood, and living with mom.  There are plenty of horses around. I’m not giving up on that.

I think the welfare system is in place for people like us, like me, who need it until I get on my feet.  So I’m happy to have the option.  I don’t know how long it takes, although I think she might have said I would be called in for an interview in the next couple of days.  I’m looking forward to the interview and hoping they might have some ideas for me as well.  The county offices are in the old high school where my mom went.  It was cool walking in the hallways that she walked in at one time.  Mom thought maybe I could get a job there.  I’ll be asking about that during my food stamp interview. It’s all part of the human experience.

I’ll be able to get through another month with my car but it’s really such a bad car to have in this climate.  I haven’t figured out what to do about that yet.  Even if I sold it I’d have to get another one and I am in no position to get another vehicle.  I’m scared to death to be on these roads at night, in that car, in rain that turns to ice.  Already the wheels are spinning in the gravel driveway.  It’s just not meant for country living – my favorite little car.  So I’ll wait for the heavens to provide an answer there.  Or wait for them to take it from me.  Whichever comes first.

The Super moon is tonight – time for clearing and cleansing.  I will be setting up my little alter and cleansing away.  I won’t be able to see the moon tonight as it is raining – like socked in rain – and cold.  Only 40°. I’m  trying to think if there is one thing that is not different for me now from the last two years and well, I can’t come up with it.  I guess my car is the same…for now.

Lovin life in the woods,



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Now is the winter of my discontent

I am here.  Here I am.  I have arrived.  BACK in Virginia. The trip up was uneventful (thank God) with a nice overnight visit in Savannah where I was able to walk around.  Wait I already talked about this.  Never mind.

Well after Savannah I drove on up.  Took about 9 hours.  I pee a lot, therefore I stop a lot.  But no one is with me to bitch about it so there’s that.  I was not sad this time about leaving Florida, I thought a lot about my next book as I was driving, you know because I had allloott of time in the car with my thoughts.  I did listen to a book on tape and just like my last trip I have left the characters in the middle of the story so now I have to make several day trips to finish the book to know who done it.  I don’t think about moving back to Florida now.  It’s almost like it was a dream.  I still have my tan and a couple of reminders of my time there, actually a lot of reminders of course but unlike the last time I came to Virginia (which was only a month ago) I have no immediate plan to go back for anything other than to drive my photo albums back up north and that may be next year.  I’m in a much different frame of mind.

So the start of my next book was sounding good in my head when of course my world bottomed out…again, but this time not just my world, like millions of people’s world.  I can’t possibly be a blogger without mentioning the election and since I’m a blogger and blog about my feelings and my life well I’m going to blog about the election.

I cried.  I was sick.  I was stunned.  I was horrified.  I cried some more.  I know I’m a cry baby but this is something else.  And I’m obviously not alone in my horror.  The weather here yesterday was perfect for the mood, it was rainy, it was grey, it was chill to the bone cold (well cold for me), I felt beat up, I felt despondent, I felt exhausted.  I did not vote for Trump.  I do not hate him, I just felt he was a non-entity and there was no way that someone who is apparently so hateful, ignorant, divisive, bigoted, misogynist would get elected.  A friend of mine, a staunch Republican said that going into the polls she didn’t know what to do.  She hates Hillary but no way did she want Trump to win.  She shared that in the end she voted for Trump because she wanted to send Hillary a message that not everyone loved her.  She too thought it would be a landslide win for Hillary.  So she said now all we can do is pray.  I’m not gonna lie, I don’t love Hillary, but I don’t hate her either.  As a matter of fact I was a little pissed at myself for not voting for Gary Johnson, and mad at the statement made by Obama that a vote for Gary Johnson (or any other candidate) was a vote for Trump.  I thought how dare he say that when we should vote for who we want.  But in the end, I do believe he is right.  All the Gary Johnson votes could have put Hillary over the top.

But that’s not what happened.  And now, after a day, and because I do tend to be positive in the throws of despair, here’s what I’m thinking.

Trump is a non-entity, and by that I mean he really doesn’t know who he is, he is not developed.  But he knows how to get a crowd’s reaction.  He knew that the “good” people of the earth (tongue in cheek here) were not going to vote for him.  The only people’s vote he could get were the haters so he fed into that.  I don’t think any of us knew there were so many haters in the world.  A LOT of people hate Hillary and so so many hate Obama.  I mean haters have to hate I guess.  But what if this happens…What if he’s able to turn the haters into likers.  He has already backed down from “lock her up” (maybe) complimenting Hillary on a hard fought battle.  He spent 90 minutes with Obama today and they both came out with love in the air. He seems to have already humbled a bit…I’d say a lot.  As we all know from the campaign and just years of Trump in the media he changes his mind, and what he says, every other day.  I want to believe that he’s not as effed up as he has been portraying.  I want to believe that a clearer head is going to prevail.  I want to believe that he will repeal Obamacare and then replace it with something better!  I have benefited from Obamacare but there is no doubt it is effed up and I have only benefited because I am poor, like poverty poor.  It is not good for anyone else.  So it does need an upgrade.   That’s just one example. I’ve read over his 100 days list (what he’ll do in office his first 100 days) and if it’s anything that we’ve learned from Obama years is that NOTHING gets done that fast and he can do next to nothing on his own.  How many people in Congress will approve that stupid wall? That’s just crazy talk.

I think, I hope, he’s going to back way the fuck down from so much of this.  I think he’s already humbled and thinking “holy shit, what do I do now” – I think that’s been the basis of his whole campaign, shock and surprise.  I think he’s been shocked and surprised that he got as far as he did and I think now he’s wondering WTF do I do now. He clearly did not expect to win or he wouldn’t have been preaching about the rigged election. He knows he doesn’t know what to do but now he has to perform in a big way.  This is NOT a TV show. I think that’s why he spent so much time with Obama, I think that’s why he said he looks forward to spending more time with Obama.  I think he has a really really good opportunity to bring his haters around.  If he can get his haters to look at Obama in a different light just imagine how he really might be able to unite the country.  One thing for sure is we will never be united until the haters and us sane people can get along. What if he is the one that can do that by accident?

What if?

In the meantime it is causing all of us to look more at what is going on in our world, to get our heads out of the sand and realize how much hate is around us, for the haters to show who they are and for all of us to become activists for our own country.  Maybe some states will end up seceding after all. (now that I’m a southerner) Maybe there’s no reason why we can’t.  Maybe Steve Berry is right in his book “The Lincoln Myth” that there is no constitutional reason that states can’t secede from the union.  Maybe that will happen.  Who the hell knows, but something is happening.  And it’s big.  And nobody is gonna care about my storage unit, the fact that I’m cold already in front of the fire, or that I’m getting my last credit card cut off.  We now have bigger fish to fry. One thing for sure though,  he better not mess with my environment because then I’m going to get really angry – I will be in the front of that protest line – I’m homeless I have nowhere else to go – don’t fuck with me.

For now, I’m going to sit back and see how it plays out, see what he backs down from, see how much more back pedaling he may or may not do.  See if he even gets to office on January 20.  After all he has a trial date coming up as well for fraud for Trump University.  And really, does anyone else think that maybe the election really was rigged?  Anybody?


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On the road again

Did you think that because I don’t have a boyfriend OR that debit card that my travels would be over?  Well….not so fast buckos…

As you may or may not remember today was travel day. I left Florida this morning, soon after sunrise, like before 8:00 am (that’s soon after right?) and took my good ole time and am staying over night in Savannah.  Well not “in” Savannah, but near it.

Sunrise at Steph’s. There’s a first for everything.

Yesterday when I was in the Facebook black hole there was an advertisement for the top 10 small towns in Florida you should visit.  I’m gonna say most of them I’ve already been to, but there was this town called Cassadaga that I had to make a point in visiting. Other than having the distinction of seeing more Trump signs than I’ve seen anywhere (not a political statement just an observation) it is especially known for having a large number of psychics and mediums, and has consequently been named the “Psychic Capital of the World”. So you see why I had to stop don’t you?  Well, it was kinda cute. I had lunch.  I went in one gift shop but when I started to walk into another I realized I had a drink – no drinks allowed – so I just left.  Also my camera battery died so I didn’t get any good shots of all the Psychic signs but I did get these pictures:

What are these?
Lunch at the Cassadaga Hotel – I was the only customer. Had delicious french onion soup and salad,

Needless to say I don’t think I’ll need to stop there again, ever, but I have seen it. I can add it to my list of where I’ve been.

Traveling on, on a beautiful non-hurricane related day, I decided to stop in Savannah again.  Some of you might remember that I was here in the Spring.  I checked into my hotel around 4:00 pm (about 20 miles south of Savannah) – and then drove onto downtown Savannah so I could walk around before dark. I remembered where to park for free and where I wanted to be for dinner.  I got my parking place right where I had planned and did my own walking tour, but not before putting on a sweatshirt.  It’s shorts and sweatshirt weather.  Warm enough for shorts but chilly enough for a sweatshirt.  I had such a nice time just breathing in the cool air, seeing the sights, not spending any money in the shops, looking at the architecture, and then I treated myself to a delicious dinner at 700 Drayton. After dinner I walked around the lobby of Mansion on Forsythe Park which happens to be an art gallery.  It’s a beautiful hotel and it was a lovely evening.

img_1770 img_1772 img_1774 img_1775 img_1777 img_1781 img_1784 img_1785 img_1786

I’m back in my hotel room now – blogging, thinking about a bath and a book and believe it or not I have the heat on.  My mom said they are expecting frost tonight.

I am far from crying about anything –  even with the frost news.  I say bring it on, but not before I stop at Old Navy on my way to mom’s tomorrow with my gift certificate to buy a new sweater or two – and then pick up some firewood for that cozy fireplace.

Who needs a boyfriend.


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I still have the beach

Remember how I couldn’t walk in the morning in the summer months because it was soooo hot?  Well I was out there this morning.  It is very very pleasant. Here’s something I’d like to do though before I leave this time – walk on the beach with a sweater.  Not that I haven’t done that before. I’ve walked on the beach a few times when it was freezing but I don’t know, it’s something about the fall weather that is just exhilarating.  When it’s still warm but there’s a cool breeze, well…if the weather people are right I might be able to get my wish this weekend.  They keep talking about a cool down but it’s so hard to keep in perspective when the temps show high’s in the 80’s.  The day time highs at my mom’s for next week are 65°- talk about exhilarating.

I’m not sad about leaving FLA this time.  I’m getting much better at just going with the flow. Also I think it helps that my life seems to change on a dime so I’m getting much better at whatever…but I shall plan as if I’m leaving here Monday morning.  I’m trying to figure out the clothes thing.  Almost all of my clothes are Florida clothes so should I leave them in the storage unit?  Okay yes, I still have a storage unit.  I went from a 10×10 space which was actually HIS unit.  Well, when we got it originally it was “our” unit, and then it became “his” unit, and then I was instructed to get out of “his” unit, so that’s the story on why everything had to go.  So I got the photo albums and a couple other things – things that I could move without assistance, no furniture, but I did keep my TV.  Anyway, my plan is to move it up to Virginia where a 5×5 unit is cheaper and I probably could go smaller and get rid of more stuff.  Now I’ll just have to figure out how to move it up there.  But that’s for another time.  I don’t have anyone kicking me out of this space…well not yet anyway.  So I know I’ll be back even if it’s just to get THAT stuff.  Always about the stuff, just less of it, but happy to have a tie that brings me back.

I finally answered the phone the other day when one of the credit card companies was calling and then just broke down in tears about not being able to pay.  I think it might have worked in my favor. I didn’t cry on purpose but it’s so humiliating so at least they know now that I can’t pay and the phone is quieter, they’re not calling anymore.  They asked when I moved out, when my situation changed, and after I told them it was June they ended up thanking me for paying as much as I have since June.  Wasn’t that nice?  I promised them that I “want” to pay my bills I just can’t at this moment.  But that could all change tomorrow.  Probably not “tomorrow – tomorrow” but maybe in a month or so.  Who knows.  But answering the phone was a hurdle in itself.  I’ll just have to go back to using cash if I ever get back on my feet.  I had to do that for years before, I can do it again.  It’s not a bad way to live for sure.

Also, if you find yourself ever thinking a 2 seater car is a good purchase make sure you use cash only.  Because when you end up having to live out of your car it would be better to be able to trade it in for something bigger.

Just some homeless tips..stuff to think about.

And yes I know I’m not homeless in the cardboard box sense.  I am very happy staying here with Stephanie and Tim.  It’s going to be hard to leave them but I want to leave while we’re all still friends, before I wear out my welcome.  Mom’s are the ones that have to bear the brunt of this type of thing and my mom’s place couldn’t be better for regrouping (except for the no internet thing). I’m just grateful that I still have a living mom.  At our age it’s almost a luxury to still have a mom around.

Just think about all the payback and paying it forward I’ll get to do in my lifetime. I’m going to have a 5 bedroom house and have it open to anyone that needs temporary refuge.  I will have internet and TV’s and a desk in every room. These are the necessities I’ve learned along the way that are helpful to have during job searches (or writing books). I can’t wait to get started paying it forward.

I invited myself over to Mary Cute’s today. Thought I’d stop by to say hi/bye/whazzup and she’s having the girls over for poker.  I can’t decide if I should spend my last $20 on poker?  It is a free lunch and all.  Well, I’ll think about it and decide in an hour, when I’m hungry, and then I’ll think hmmm, lunch at Cute’s might be just the ticket, or, I could save money on the gas and eat something here at Steph’s.  So many decisions.

Have a nice weekend.


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It’s over

The Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches of Pinellas County came today and took everything. I watched as they took it all, smiled most of the time.  Over half of the bins were marked fragile and they could care less.  I finally said “geez, this is my life here” and then they were a little more respectful.  Then one of the movers said that his mom is in jail and neither him or his sister can bail her out so he was feeling bad that she’s going to have to spend time in jail.  Diane always says: “there’s always someone better and always someone worse” – there are also those in similar circumstances and well….whatever…I’m not alone…it’s not the end of the world by any stretch…and it could always be worse.  However, those that offered advice and comfort all said I would feel release, relieved or some “r” word. Although I smiled when they were loading it, I could not stay and watch them drive away.   I am not relieved nor do I feel release or any “r” word.  I’m sad but I’m not devastated.  I’ve had some time to get used to the idea.  But it’s not freeing (oh wait, that’s not an “r” word – I should have known – an “f” word.)  – well it’s gone and that’s that.  I did save my photos and a couple of Christmas bins. It’s all good. It is what it is.


Here’s a ridiculous storage war story – I had tried to sell some items and posted everything on Facebook – two women fought over the folding table for $10 – a third person posted to not buy from me because I’m rude and so I took all the contents off-line and gave it all away.  Except I made $25 on TV trays. Treated myself to breakfast last Saturday.  I also made some money on 2 sets of china.  I didn’t shed a tear when all the dishes were gone. I’m ready for new stuff,,, some day.

I almost sold the couch but this consignment place was really struggling trying to decide so I just gave that away too.

I was able to find Max’s (my dogs) ashes and spread his ashes in the Gulf.  First I went to Ozona to a spot I used to ride my bike to but it was too rocky, so then I went to this park where I used to go all the time.  I sprinkled his ashes in some water, a little trees nearby and sand.  It’s been an emotional day.  Having to move out had nothing to do with spreading his ashes, well it did sort of. I didn’t want them to accidentally end up in some resale shop.  It’s been an emotional day.

Max’s final resting place. A little water, some trees, some sand. I hope he likes it there. I hope “he” is not really there because then I would feel horrible about leaving him there alone.

I also was able to save my Terrible Towel signed by Rocky Blier and my yoga toes. Life is good!

Well enough of that – time to move on, seriously.

Speaking of moving on my “plan” is to head back to Virginia in a few days, unless Stephanie needs me here 🙂

Now that the storage issue is over and I have no job I don’t have a reason to stay.  I had an interview last Friday and even though I thought “this” was it,  it seemed like it went really well, as they all do, I did not get the job so I have told the head hunter to quit looking for jobs for me and I’m just going to head back north. There are no hurricanes predicted so at least I can make the trip without peril.   I can’t imagine what would prevent me from going to Virginia this time but if I’ve learned anything it’s to not be surprised when my plans are thwarted. Stay tuned.

I want to start talking about the weather again.  I miss my mundane mindless rants. Today is a perfect time to start back with them.  There is talk of a cool down here in sunny FLA but the high’s over the weekend are showing 80°.  I’m not sure where the “cool down” is.  80° is beautiful. I don’t think I’ll leave before I get to enjoy a little bit of that.  I met a friend at the beach last Sunday and we actually went in the water and floated.  The water temp is cold, maybe even in the 70’s now, but it was still very enjoyable.  A lovely day with a lovely friend.  AND I got to float.  Ya know?  Loved it. Maybe I’ll go to Virginia until it’s time to float again.  It COULD happen that way.  It’s time to start living in my head again.  It’s a really nice place.

I’m looking forward to buying my next couch.  I’m going to get a dog and let her (or him) sleep on it.  I can’t wait.


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